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Rose and Susan Long want fuck with Jake Long

Jake Long Sex

Hentai Picture: Rose and Susan Long want fuck with Jake Long
Worlds of American Dragon lassies’ knockers bumping at gutty bell-rope hitches and the most modest icons which are changed into amorous stuff. Wet American Dragon bitch craves for a huge ebony boner right up her ass, and then suck it off till it shoots tons of cum giving her a messy facial cumshot to savor on. Unregenerate Susan Long forces bits of snugs in her insatiable large-handed clam trap and plays off a harsh hard and fast DP filmed on high-definition camera.

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Rose looks astonished by the fact that Jake loves to drill her culo much more than her twat

American Dragon Hentai Comix

Hentai Picture: Rose looks astonished by the fact that Jake loves to drill her culo much more than her twat
Get ready for the land of American Dragon pussy-pounding where the wildest sex endeavors are there for you to relish… Lusty bitch from American Dragon is too willing to participate in this hardest pussy pumping action of all her previous experience… Watch a hot slut Rose overriding unbridled hot cock while her mouth is penetrated with a meaty knob…

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Susan’s downfall for cash: This hot milf gets fucked and gets payed!

American Dragon Porn PicsAmerican Dragon Porn Pics Continue reading

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American Dragon Porn Story: Nothing Like A Mother’s Touch

American Dragon Porn Story: Nothing Like A Mother’s Touch

Saturday! It was the start if the weekend with a perfect sunny day with only a few clouds, a warm breeze in the air, and most importantly, no homework! Unfortunately for Jake, it was not the lazy, sleep filled day that he was looking forward to the day before. Around 5 in the morning, Jake was suddenly awakened by his grandfather so that he could train. He didn’t protest too much, knowing that that complaining would only make whatever training he had today much harder. It was because of the nice weather and day dreaming that he didn’t see the tail coming strait at him until it was too late. With a loud grunt and yelp, he was thrown into a wall and slumped to the ground with a soft groan.

“Aw man..” Sounding defeated and wincing in pain, only adding to the numerous cuts and bruises that already coated his scaly hide. Sure he healed quickly but it still sucked to get your ass handed to you by your grandfather.

With a sigh, the older dragon approached Jake, holding out his clawed hand. “That will do for today young dragon.” He helped Jake up from the ground, while he allowed him to brush himself off.
Jake didn’t let the opportunity go to waste and quickly flew into the air, ” Later Gramps!” He started off toward home, before he could be tasked with something else. As he approached his home, he took a look down and noticed the car was gone. A large smile spread across his muzzle as he flew through the window of his room. He didn’t get the house to himself very often. Quickly changing back to his human form, he started to shed his clothes, listening around him for movement or noises coming from the rest of the house. He didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary and decided it would be a great time to wash the stale sweat, grime and cuts that he had received, which already weren’t as bad as they were when he finished training. He thought about grabbing some clothes but figured, “Why bother? I’m here by myself anyways..” Shrugging, he stepped out into the hallway and made his way down toward the bathroom at the end of the hallway. Even though no one was around, he got a kick walking around the house naked. As he entered the bathroom, he turned the water on nice and warm, hoping to sooth some of his muscles. Stepping into the warm falling water, he let out a soft sigh and started to lather himself. His hands moved across his young but muscled frame, thanks to all of his training. Jake enjoyed the soothing calm of the water and it showed as he noticed his young penis started to rise with an increase in blood pressure. It was left uncut, which he didn’t mind as it made it easier to masturbate without lube when he got the chance. Though under the water, he didn’t have to worry about it, letting his left hand gravitate toward his length and lightly gripped it. He was fairly well endowed for his age, he had some hair growing against his pubic bone, though not too much. He didn’t mind though. Maybe being a dragon caused him to favor having less hair on his body as he grew older. Slowly, he started to work his hand up and down his length, taking his time to let his pleasure build.

Unknown to Jake, his mother was just downstairs cleaning while her husband was off working for a little while, and Haley having gone to her ballet rehearsal. Humming to herself, while she listened to some music on her headphones, she slowly made her way to the living room, picking up any stray clothes she could find. Susan made her way up the stairs and opened the door to the bathroom, intent on getting all the laundry done before everyone came back from their respective places. At first she didn’t even realize anyone was in the bathroom. She made her way to the laundry basket that was just a little ways to the side of the door before she looked up and saw the shower was on. She didn’t get too embarrassed as at some point in time she’s seen everyone her household family nude. What did catch her breath was the fact that she was witnessing her son masturbating in the shower. The entire shower was basically made of glass with solid walls on the front and one side, then the rear wall and side door being of a mix of fogged glass and clear glass. There was most definitely clear glass enough to be able to see him very clearly enough. She stood frozen for a few moments as she realized what she was intruding on. A bright blush flushed her face just as Jake turned his head and noticed her drop the clothes she had gathered.

“Ahh! M-mom! Stuttering out, at first too shocked to even cover his raging boner as he turned to her.

She quickly turned away “Oh! I’m so sorry Sweetie, I didn’t know you were in there until it was too late..” She said apologetically.

Jake realized only after she rushed out that he hadn’t even covered himself as she caught him in the embarrassing act. He smacked his palm against his face, feeling incredibly embarrassed. Yet his boner felt like it was even harder then before. Only then did he realize that he actually enjoyed the fact that he had been caught. Jake slowly turned off the shower and grabbed a towel to dry off. Even after the shock of having been caught playing with himself in front of his mother wore off, his erection wouldn’t go away. He wrapped the towel around him, affording at least some cover as he peeked out of the door. Once seeing that the coast was clear, he rushed toward his room, breathing heavily.

Susan couldn’t believe she had gotten so flustered over such a situation. Sure it was unexpected, but she’d seen him naked before. Sure he had grown considerably since the last time she had, but it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. She shook her head a bit, even just the thought of his size shouldn’t come up in her mind. She took a little with to let things settle. She would be pretty sure it would be more awkward for her son then it was for her. Feeling bad about what happened she decided that she would approach Jake and talk to him about what happened and that it was only natural for a boy his age to be doing certain things with their bodies and that it wasn’t something to be ashamed about. Nodding firmly and she made her resolve, she figured that he would have had plenty of time to have gotten redressed by now and started to make her way in the stairs again. Slowly making her way to her son’s door she noticed it was a little open. She slowly opened it and stepped through, seeing Jake at his desk. She started her practiced mom speech”Jake, you know that…” And cut herself off as she got closer that he was still very naked and pumping furiously against his young cock.

Jake heard his mom suddenly behind him and was about to try and hide himself, but the mix of hormones and his desperation to get off over-rode any of those thoughts, only wanting the release that he craved at the moment.

Susan was a little torn on what she should do. She knew that she should head strait out of there and leave him to his business, but there was something else there too. A bit of excitement and even the urge to continue watching. She stood, transfixed by the image of her son’s fist pumping furiously against his length, making a soft fapping sound. She was broken from her trance, hearing Jake’s voice.

“M-mom…” He stuttered. “I I can’t get off…” He was frustrated that no matter how hard he jacked his meat, he couldn’t get the release he needed. He looked up and saw the thought processes going through her mind. Slowly she sighed and knelt beside him.

Before she could think of what she was doing, she found herself slowly moving closer to him. “I’ll do what ever I can to keep my little Jake happy…”

To his astonishment, she slowly leaned forward, moving her lips just before his tip. He could feel her warm breath press against his length, causing him to shudder in delight. Nothing could prepare him for the feeling he received next though. Her warm lips engulfed his length, letting the pulsing cock slide back and forth against the moist tightness. His hips started to buck on their own, having never felt such a pleasure before.

Susan couldn’t believe what she was actually doing to her own son. She only wanted to help him, but couldn’t help but relish the thought that she had her own son’s young cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She knew she should feel shameful, but at the moment, all she could concentrate on was to give him as much pleasure as she could for him.

Jake gripped the side of the chair, feeling his build up rising very quickly. He could feel his length, as it buried into the warm and moist lips of his mother. All he could do was, moan and grip against the chair. He could feel the climax nearing, trying to warn her. “Mom….” Huffing loudly with his quick breathing, “Getting..Ugh…getting C-close..”

She listened as he let her know he was close. Not that she couldn’t tell anyways with the feeling of his hips increasing their thrusting. This only caused her to double her efforts, closing her lips firmly and taking full strides of his length. After only a few more moments she heard her son grunt loudly and press his hips hard against her face. His ball sack tightened and suddenly her mouth was being flooded with her son’s seed. The volume caught her off guard, expecting only a small amount for someone as young as Jake, but he actually had quite the mouthful, even seeping out faster then she could swallow. He finally died out after his amazing 8th full spurt, leaving her with his warm cum dribbling from her chin. She breathed hard as she recovered. She looked up at her spent son and saw that he had literally passed out from the experience. A soft smile shown across her face as she wiped her chin with a hand. She thought a moment and shook her head with an amused look as she took it and licked the extra cum from her hand and chin. Susan slowly moved up and missed Jake on the forehead. She would let him recover on his own, as she exited his room and closed the door. She cleaned herself up a little more properly before getting ready to pick Haley up from her practice.

It had been a full week since his encounter with his mother and Jake would have thought the whole thing a dream it it wasn’t for the fact that he had woken up still naked in his chair with no evidence of him Cumming except for a slight bit that encrusted his tip. He couldn’t believe what had happened but a part of him wanted it again. Not just for her to give him a blow job, but even more then that. He wasn’t able to do anything for her, so he felt a little guilty for not being able to return the favor. Throughout the week, they acted as though nothing at all had changed. For a bit he thought he had been crazy and made the whole thing up in his head. Sometime, though she would give him a smile and wink, and knew that it had happened for real. This weekend he was finally able to sleep in, much to his delight. “Hmmm… What to do today…” He dressed in his normal street clothes. Can’t be going out and spoil my rep with out wearing my stuff.” joking with himself. He grabbed his skateboard and lunged out the doorway.

Susan was in the kitchen when she heard Jake leave. She smiled brightly and proceeded to put her plan into motion. Since she had her experience with Jake, she hadn’t been able to do anything with her husband to try and relieve herself through out the week. Now that they could finally be alone, she was getting things ready so she could surprise him with a romantic lunch. She made a nice meal and freshened herself up some. She slid into a sexy red and black, partially see-through robe and lit up some candles around her bed. She had called him earlier, asking him to come home for lunch. She sat in her bed double checking that everything was good.

Jake sighed as he got off the phone with Spud. “Aww man! This bites… Everyone is off doing something today….” He grumbled as he skateboarded back toward the house figuring he might as well play some video games to take some of his time. ‘Hopefully someone will wanna chill later.’ he thought as he kicked up his board to walk inside. The first few moments he walked inside, he noticed something odd. There was a sweet smell in the air, like fresh strawberries and something he couldn’t quite tell. He set his board down, slowly making his way over to his parents’ room wondering if anyone was home. As he approached he could hear his mother talking, since he couldn’t hear anyone else, he assumed she was on the phone. “Ear of the dragon.” he whispered as he summoned his magical transformation powers to be able to listen in.

“…I Know sweetie.” she started, ” Can’t you just tell them to reschedule or something, John?” showing a bit of frustration.

“I really want to honey,” her husband responded, “But gosh darn it, my boss said if I don’t get this customer base, the company will be forced to lay off some employees. I gotta make sure this goes through.”

Susan sighed, not wanting to feel too bad for trying to do a good thing. “Alright sweetie, I understand …You Make sure you get them for all you can” offering words of encouragement to hide her disappointment.

“Your darn right I will! This is the second weekend they’ve had me come in lately!”

She smiled softly and said their goodbyes. Slowly, she hung up the phone and reclined on the bed. “Damn it… This was supposed to be a good day…”

Jake peeked in and saw the sexy robe she was wearing, which was currently just barely keeping her decent. He could figure out that she expected him to be out of the house long enough for her and his dad to have a special lunch. He frowned a bit, he couldn’t help but think that at least part of this was his fault. He figured that she probably hasn’t been able to do anything since last week since his sister and him are always around during the week. Well, when he wasn’t off fighting bad guys and all. He smiled softly, thinking of a way he could help her this time. Jake slowly made his way through the doorway without his mother noticing. “I could…help You like me to help you out mom…” Trying to sound cool and collected when in actuality, his heart was beating a million miles a minute.

Susan let out a surprised gasp at the sudden realization that Jake was standing just inside the doorway. “Oh! Jake! I didn’t expect you back so early!” It took her a few moments to register what he had said. Her face flushed a little, never really thinking about the possibility of this scenario. “Oh.. Um, no sweetie you don’t have to worry about me.”

Jake didn’t really believe her and moved to the side of her bed before hopping up onto the soft bedding. “It’s OK mom… You got to make me feel good, now its time to make you feel good.”

It didn’t seem right for her to accept her son’s request. It was one thing to help him out when he needed it, but he was young and inexperienced. She shouldn’t have to ask anything like that from anyone, let along her own son. Before she could reject his offer though, Jake moved up to softly kiss her lips. She froze against the feeling of his soft warm lips. The overall situation just overwhelmed her and all she could do was lightly press back as her own son started making out with her.

Jake relished the taste of his mother’s lips, noticing a sweet strawberry smell and flavor from her lips as well. His inexperience showed, but what he lacked there, he made up for youthful energy and need. They both hugged tightly and started to caress each other’s bodies. His moving to explore as much as he could and hers with a practiced grace that hit key areas against his skin to make him shiver in delight. His body was on fire with every touch against his skin.

With a slow pull back of her head, Jake’s mother pulled back enough to let them both breath. She couldn’t believe she was allowing such a perverse act occur like this, but she could only enjoy it as both sets of arms explored each other. ” Mmm.. You’ve grown so much sweetie..” She smiled warmly, stroking his hair. She looked downward, noticing the bulge in the boy’s shorts. “Here, lets get you out of these…” Helping him to slide his clothes off, revealing his full naked form to her again. She could see him blush some but not shy away either. Her soft hand slid down her boy’s stomach and lightly gripped against the throbbing length. At a pretty good length of around six inches from what she guessed, she could only imagine if he would grow to be bigger as he got older.

A soft groan escaped Jake’s mouth as he felt her war,’ soft hands on his length again. Just the simple touch she gave him could make him happy enough to cum, but he had other things in mind. His hands moved against her shoulders and pushed on them causing her to fall back onto the bed and coincidently, her robe to open enough for him to get a good look of her breasts. His head fell down quickly, lightly suckling on on of the nipples. He’d seen enough pornos and things in school to generally know what to do, but it still made him nervous about doing something wrong. Apparently it was working well though, hearing her moan softly as he continued his exploration. His tongue played with the perky nipples while the hands caressed and massaged each breast in his hands. Once in a while he would receive a suggestion from his mother, a little softer here and a bit firmer there. After so much teasing, he could barely contain himself. “Mom….can We…ya Know… Do it?”

She never really thought it would go this far and all sorts of thoughts went through her head. ‘A blow job is one thing but actually have sex with him?’ or ‘Oh no… We don’t have any condoms’ and so on. She looked down toward him and melted. He was just too cute to say no to. She rationalized that everything would be just fine as long as he pulled out when he came. She enjoyed his taste pretty well anyways, she She figured she’d be OK with it. With a slow nod she relented, “OK sweetie, just be careful…”

Jake smiled widely, feeling his tip sliding against his mother’s moist sex. He laughed a little, always having imagined his first time would be with Rose, not his own mother. With barely contained excitement, Jake crawled atop the older woman positioning himself against her. With just a push from his hips, he was suddenly inside her warm silken walls. He only lasted a few hard thrusts before his body clenched and came and pulled out, making it at least appear like he came out the outside. “Aww man… Sorry mom… Totally thought I would last longer.” He was pretty embarrassed to have cum so quick. But he refused to give up with just that. He needed more endurance and there was only one way he knew that he could. ” OK.. Time for round two…” Saying with confidence. “Dragon up!” Suddenly his body is a swirling mass of magic as his body turned into a dragon.

Laying above her now was her son in dragon form. She’d never thought of anything like this before and was completely unsure about this sudden turn of events. In Jake’s dragon form, he was larger and stronger, though as far as dragon size is concerned he was still young. Even though he was still small as far as dragons go, she noticed quick quickly that something else wasn’t so small. She didn’t really have much knowledge about dragon anatomy, but for a human, it was crazy. Hanging under his belly was a pulsing red veined monster. It had small ridges long it’s length going all the way up to the base where it disappeared inside of his scaled sheath. She figured it had to have been at least eight inches, maybe even more, she wasn’t too sure. Suddenly she was snapped out of her stupor was when Jake started to press against her suddenly now small sex. “J-Jake… I’m not sure that’s going to work sweetie..”

Jake wouldn’t have it and wrapped his arms around her, letting his tip start to slide inside of her. To him, it felt much better to him then it did before. Slowly, he started to press inside of her, feeling the walls resisting as much as they could. He could hear her gasping and gripping tightly against him, saying it was too much, that it wouldn’t fit. He was too lost in the moment to pay too much attention though as he managed to slip inch after inch into his mother’s warm tunnel. He was able to get most of the way in before bottoming out inside of her hot tunnel. “Oh mom… Your so hot and wet…”

Susan just breathed heavily, barely able to think about how she just fit him inside of her. It almost felt like she was giving birth again, but much more pleasurable then either time she had Jake or Haley. Her hands gripped him tightly, but with the tough scales, it didn’t seem to hurt him at all. She glanced down and saw the buried dragon length create a small bulge against her pelvis. “Gah! Jake…” Huffing loudly from the exertion. “Take it slow…”

Letting his hips slowly pull back and then slid back into the warm, wet depths of his dragon length. His pace quickened as his desire rose. The sweet smell of her perfume mixing with the dirty smell of their lovemaking was causing a storm in his sensitive nose. His body pressed warmly against his mother’s letting each press against another as his pace increased. He couldn’t believe how good she felt while his ridged length pumped into her silken pussy with his rough, deep thrusts. His long tongue slithered out to lap against her chest while his arms gripped around her, barely making sure to be careful with his claws. Jake’s draconic body ravaged his mother, trying to get the last of his length inside of her, growing more frustrated with each thrust. His arms move to wrap around her mid section, still keeping his pleasuring tongue flicking against her sensitive nipples. He now used the extra leverage to pull his hips harder against his mother, trying desperately to find a way to get the last few inches inside. He could feel something starting to give him a little lead way and started to pound inside of her for all he was worth. Suddenly, the rest of his pulsing cock slid all the way to the hilt as he breached her womb. If he were a little more coherent, he might have thought it ironic that he was invading the very space where he spent his first 9 months of his life. Though, at the moment, he had much more pressing matters he was concentration on. He’d already felt his mother cum twice, perhaps even more, leaving her a moaning mess. He was almost at his breaking point, feeling his thrusts starting to become erratic. The thick ribbed dragon length ravaged the inside of his mother’s sex over and over, almost pulling all the way out of her, only to plow back into her hot depths. Once she came again, the tightness around him was just too much. Without even saying anything, he gave a few hard thrusts and let out a loud roar as he completely buried himself inside of her, letting his incestuous seed explode from the tip of his cock, flowing strait into his mother’s womb. Spurt after thick gooey spurt of the hot cum filled the warm insides of his mother while his girth effectively plugged her up, keeping most of it inside for now. Just before passing out he whispered “Mmmm. Love you mom…”

Susan was barely coherent as she heard her son roar loudly and feeling his hot seed start to fill her. She knew she should have somehow stopped him, but just couldn’t do anything to control herself while underneath the power of Jake in his dragon form. She could feel her belly bulge just a little as he continued to fill her with the hot feral cum, causing her exhausted body to shiver and revel at the pleasurable sensations jolting through her. She sighed softly,feeling herself succumbing to sleep. “Love you too Jake.” Then they both drifted off to soothing sleep.

It would be a while before they both recovered from the ordeal. Jake was passed out on one side of the bed still in his dragon form, while Susan had awoken a a short while ago. They had passed out for a couple of hours before she had woken back up. Jake had still been inside of her, though it was now flaccid, but still a good size. Once freeing herself she quickly picked up the phone to call her husband to see when he would be out of work. Luckily for her, it had taken longer then they expected to close the deal and would still be another hour or two before he could get back. This gave her a chance to relax a bit and clean up after their incestuous exploration. Many things ran through her head to worry about. ‘what if anyone found out?’ or ‘what if I become pregnant from this?’ what if thing or that kept going through her mind. After a while she just sighed, she would just have to deal with anything as it came around.

Jake awoke a while later,finding himself back in human form and on his bed, though he was still completely naked. He shook his head, remembering the wild experience. He could hear the sounds of his family members ruffling around the house. “Hm, guess I must have been out for a while…” Looking over he confirmed his thought as he glanced at his clock, reading just after 6 pm. He could smell dinner being prepared and suddenly hoped that things ere able to get cleaned up before everyone got back. He grunted as he rose from his bed, feeling his sore muscles trying to move. His crotch was encrusted with old cum from both parties and needed a shower before doing anything else. He was able to make it without coming across anyone, to his relief as he was able to enjoy his shower in peace. He heard someone come in and turned to see his mom all dressed, looking like she was still cooking.

“Don’t worry, everything got cleaned up before anyone came back.” she paused a moment to enjoy his naked form again. “About what happened Jake,” she paused a moment, “We just have to be careful about it OK sweetie?”

Jake nodded and smile, “Psh! Of course mom! At least give the Am Drag a little credit! After all, I’m supposed to help keep the magical world a secret.”

She smiled herself and nodded giving him a soft kiss on the lips before walking back out. “Dinner with be ready in about 15 minutes.”

He nodded and smiled before finishing up. ‘Man, the life of the Am Drag is never dull I guess.’ Laughing to himself as he made his way down to eat with his family, after getting dressed of course. He hoped they would be able to continue, but would just have to wait and see.

A few weeks later Susan was in the bathroom sitting on the toilet when a sudden sound of a bell ran. She sighed softly and picked up a small plastic stick. “Well, I guess it’s now or never…” She looked at the top and suddenly had the feeling of a large lump in her throat. Borrowing her son’s catchphrase, she let out her breath, “Aww man…” She tossed the plastic in the trash, watching it tumble as if to tease her by landing with the side that had a big positive on it. Now all she was left wondering was, “Is it Jake’s or Jonathan’s?”

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