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Rose looks concerned – this is her first-ever time with Jake… in dragon shape!

American Dragon Jake Long Mom Hentai

Hentai Picture: Rose looks concerned – this is her first-ever time with Jake… in dragon shape!
Anywhere you observe in American Dragon world you positively will observe fruity glutes brawn lower cheeks, smoochy spindle shanks, unstriated bingees, great boobies and running whiskers fit to poke. Rose fits a long chocolate rod in her pussy, her mouth is ravaged by two more cocks and feasts on the sweet cock nectar for all of us to see… Seems like lusty American Dragon hotties haven’t been fucked in ages.

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Jake Long haed fuck slutty Rose

Xxx American Dragon

Hentai Picture: Jake Long haed fuck slutty Rose
Glance at how as fat as butter American Dragon Judies got osiered in hurts, weeping, hot milk and are implicated everyway of wired-up funs. Cock hungry Rose dressed up in only her panties, a wig and stockings gets spread and fucked hard and takes a load in her mouth… Having sex in the American Dragon is the hottest and the greatest!

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Busty asian milf Susan Long is about to get fucked really hard by some huge green dragon!

Porn American Dragon

Hentai Picture: Busty asian milf Susan Long is about to get fucked really hard by some huge green dragon!
Nubile Susan Long flashing her nudity in front of cam and fooling around with a thick fuck toy! Some of those American Dragon characters that refuse to control their imperative desire to copulate any more and hit on this road full of pussy-pumping! Heavily jugged hooker from American Dragon is hopping under heavy pussy assault here inside of the thread.

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Jake Long and busty Trixie Carter enjoy 69 pose

American Dragon Xxx

Hentai Picture: Jake Long and busty Trixie Carter enjoy 69 pose
Make out at how thorough-paced American Dragon donars got blanketed in livid spots, brines, pudding and are dragged in any way of rusty avocations. Busty hooker from American Dragon is bobbing under hard pussy penetration in this post… Lecherous Trixie Carter sucking cock like she was born to do it and getting fucked in the ass hard…

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Jake Lengthy drill kinky nymph in a-hole

Xxx American Dragon

Hentai Picture: Jake Lengthy drill kinky nymph in a-hole
Jake Long is brimming with anxiety to take cock in her twat and asshole and when it comes along at long last she goes off hard! Dirty American Dragon scenes are up for grabs for you to drool over… A bitch from American Dragon double-penetrated by a two-team of thick staffs which cover her beautiful face with a shower of manly cream…

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American Dragon Porn Story: Last Night Together Chapter 1

American Dragon Porn Story: Last Night Together Chapter 1

American Dragon: Jake Long
Last night together
Chapter 1
Making it Special


Jake Long, the American Dragon, and Rose, once a member of the Huntsclan, have had a winding history with one another, filled with ups and downs, make-ups and break-ups. Recently, Rose’s history with the Huntsclan was erased from reality thanks to the selflessness of Jake via aztec wishing-artifacts, as well as her history with the boy she came to fall in love with.

Six Days ago, she had reunited with and remembered her true love by sheer chance; at first she didn’t remember him and thought he was crazy, but she remembered who she once was just in time to save the dragons from the Dark Dragon and be rescued by Jake.

Since then, Jake and Rose have been spending every day with each other after Rose would leave school, and they did some memorable things. Jake’s friends and Family let him spend his time with Rose, not knowing if he was ever going to see her again.

First Day (after the Battle): They had a night-picnic on Victoria Peak
Second Day: An Amusement Park, (Rose puked after one of the rides, but Jake was nice enough to clean it off of her face)
Third Day: Dinner and a Show (It was a comedy restaurant, and although the comedian only spoke chinese, Rose was able to translate)
Fourth Day: Rose invited Jake into her room and posed for photos he’d take; said photos had her wearing various pajamas, underwear, swimsuits, as well as a towel, and a modest nude shot (Wear she’d lay herself on the bed, cross her arms to hide her breasts and legs to hide her pubic area)… it was her idea, and her ninja-like quickness kept him from seeing anything, and left him at the receiving end of a sensual tease…… for the moment (Although she let him see her firm, round, butt).

Day Five:…Present

Hong Kong, Rose’s School, girl’s locker room.

It was just after Physical Education, the school girls going about their after-gym routine; Stripping themselves of their gym uniforms and underwear, revealing their full, sweaty, post pubescent bodies, then making their way to the showers to wash themselves off (some of the girls being close enough friends to wash each other’s backs), followed by the girls toweling themselves off and putting their clothes back on.

Throughout this routine, all Rose could think about was what she and Jake were going to do on their last night together, knowing he would have to leave the following afternoon. As she undressed herself, she began to ponder a few possibilities. Starting by taking off her gym shirt and sports bra, she wondered if Jake would want to see more of her, more even than the night she posed as a modest nude. When she removed her gym-pants and underwear to put them in her locker, she began wondering about doing something risky, rememberable, and very personal. During her shower, she continued muling it over in her head, considering the pleasures, Jake’s reaction, and possible consequences. However, the mere thought made Rose’s senses tingle with temptation, so much temptation and thrill, that the only thing keeping her from groping her own breasts from sheer pleasure was the knowledge that the other girls were still there. When she finished showering, she used her toweling off as a cover/alibi to at least brush her thought induced tension from her firm, age-appropriately large breasts. When she was getting dressed, she decided that she would wait to see if Jake would bring it up first.
Although, she had bought some contraception from an elf the previous night, just in case things had gotten juicy, but the sound of Rose’s parents coming home ruined it (it was a good thing Rose could get dressed in the blink of an eye).

-Later, with Jake

Jake Long stood at the corner across the street from Rose’s school, waiting for them to let out. He and his friends and family have done their sight seeing and bonding for that day. He stood there for four minutes, waiting for them to let out in less than sixty seconds. He helped pass that time by scrolling through the photos he took of Rose, which he put on his MP3. He, too, had been thinking of what to do on his final night with Rose. Coming to thought was he and Rose doing something intimate, personal, enjoyable… sensual. Sure, he had his doubts and intimidations, but hey, when was he going to get a chance like that again? Plus, he deserved this, after all he’s been through as a dragon.

When the school finally let out, Jake casually looked around the corner to see where Rose was in the crowd, but didn’t immediately see her; he kept it cool as not to seem desperate or obsessed. He was so focus on the crowd, he didn’t notice anyone sneaking up on him from behind he heard the footsteps. He quickly turned around and found himself face-to-face with her bosom (Being that she is taller than him).
“Hey there,” Rose greeted.
“Hey yourself,” Jake replied with a casual tone, taking a step backward to notice her stance: one foot in front of the other, both hands behind her back, and shoulders relaxed; she was basically trying to seduce him via body language. Even her facial expression had an inviting gaze and seductive grin. “Ssooo……” Jake continued nervously, “How’d you get….?”
“Ninja prowess,” Rose responded. Jake grinned as he mentally brushed it off. The two took one-another’s hand and made walked side-by-side away from the school.

a nearby park.

The two sat on a bench adjacent to a pond and just stared into their forward direction, sitting quietly, Jake with his hand across Rose’s shoulder. The two kept glancing from each other to any other object around them, both unknowingly thinking of the exact same thing.
“So, Rose,” Jake hesitantly began, getting Rose’s attention. “Today’s our last day together,”
“Yeah,” Rose said with a sigh, waiting for him to continue.
“I just…” Jake continued, taking a deep breath, “I really want to make what may be our last night together be …. well… special,”
“Yeah?” Rose responded softly, fidgeting with her school uniform’s tie.
“One of those… those… “ Jake didn’t know what to continue with. “You know…”
“Once-in-a-lifetime, gotta-take-that-chance, go-for-it… things? or actions?” Rose guessed, putting her hand on his shoulder. The two finally made eye-contact with one another, and in that moment, they both immediately knew what they were both talking about. They both exchanged smiles of pleasure.
“Where do you have in mind?” Jake asked suavely as he got up off of the bench.
“I have an idea.” Rose said with a warm smile as she got up, took him by the hand, and lead him off somewhere.

Huntsclan Stronghold, central corridor,

“A HUNTSCLAN STRONGHOLD!?” Jake exclaimed, his shocked cry echoing through the deserted halls. Rose had brought them to a large, secret Huntsclan complex.
“What?” Rose asked, “It’s deserted, no one knows about it, and there is a lot of space to chose from.” She explained as she fiddled with the buttons on the side of her school skirt.
“I.. just thought spud had destroyed the Hong Kong fortress.” Jake explained.
“Well, this is actually the Hong Kong Huntsclan academy.” Rose explained further. “Now are we gonna Q&A all day?” Rose asked in a sensual tone as she undid her tie and tossed it at Jake (it landing in the spikes in his hair). “Or shall we skip to the T&A?” What she had said gotten Jake’s full attention. He watched as she slowly unbuttoned her shirt, going from the bottom up, exposing first her navel, then her pink, lacy, strapless bra (Picked for the occasion), then her cleavage, and once it was completely unbuttoned, she mover her arms behind her and relaxed her shoulders to let the shirt fall to the floor. She then unbuttoned her skirt, and wiggled her hour-glass hips to help it slip off her long, shapely legs and to the floor, revealing pink, lacy panties with a little red rose on it. She then lifted one leg at a time behind her (first left, then right) to undo her socks and shoes. Jake just stared at his beloved Rose with much anticipation as she walked over to him, waggling her hips, and reaching behind her back to unfasten her bra, and let gravity pull it to the floor, and allow her breasts to move freely, bouncing a little with each step, her nipples already hardened, and both breasts slightly larger than usual. Jake was losing his breath at what he was seeing, the woman of his dreams, who he had always wanted, finally approaching him with more skin than cloth on her body; all of this was making Jake rock hard with each passing second. When Rose was at least her arms length in front of Jake, she stopped and crossed her arms to cover her breasts, incidentally causing some cleavage.

“H-h-hey,” Jake stammered, “Why ya stopping?”
“I’m not showing you more until you catch up with me,” Rose said before she Leaned in to plant a soft kiss to Jake on the forehead. From Jakes vantage point, he saw some hot cleavage, and didn’t need to be told twice on what he needed to do. He then, quickly and without hesitation, removed all of his clothing, he wasn’t trying to be seductive, but he did get naked fast enough to avoid a buzz-kill. When he let himself be seen Rose blushed heart nearly skipped a beat, mainly because his little dragon had given meaning to Jake’s last name of “long”. Knowing that he really wanted this, Rose uncrossed her arms, and then took Jake by both hands, then placed them at the waistband of her panties. “I’m letting you have the honors, Jake Long,” She said in a sexy whisper. Trying not to spoil the mood, Jake slowly pulled down Rose’s panties, feeling the smooth skin and toned muscle of her legs, slowly and steadily exposing Rose’s pussy. When Rose’s well shaven pussy was revealed, and the panties had fallen to the ground, Jake saw an intricate, green pattern going around the love lips. Rose could tell Jake was curious, so she explained. “Its a contraception spell. I put it before I left school, just in case. It protects from pregnancy and transfers of other unmentionables for a full 24 hours. Side effects include lust, minor breasts expansion, and prolonged orgasms.”
“Meaning?” Jake asked with an eager look.
“Don’t hold back,” Rose responded. on that, Jake used his dragon tongue to wet the lips of Rose’s vagina, being careful not to smudge the mark. This was sending bolts of pleasure through Rose’s body, making her legs weak, and her gasp. She slowly lowered herself to the ground to she could lay on her back; Jake was still able to keep his long, forked tongue to her forbidden zone while she was moving. When she was fully on her back, Jake pulled his tongue back in. “Aw, why’d you stop?” Rose asked in an intentionally child-like tone.
“Because,” Jake replied smoothly as he knelt between her spread legs, “This is the main attraction.” he took s brief hold of his hardened cock in order to better aim it into her pink, smooth, vagina. With one quick thrust, he dove the tip into her body, making them both gasp in pleasure. With that, he started to move his member in and out of her body, slowly, making every move pleasurable, enjoyable, moan-worthy. Both of them started to sweat, even in the chilly air of the abandoned fortress, their heartbeats accelerating as Jakes hip movement was gradually building, getting faster and faster with each passing thrust. Both of them had to struggle to keep their eyes open. Getting more and more frisky, Jake leaned in to plant kisses on Rose’s belly, working his way up to her breasts, kissing and licking them both and the space between, then her neck, until they had made full lip contact, Jake still pumping into Rose’s body like a jackhammer. The two moaned into each other’s mouths, muffling the sounds of their own pleasure as they were not only exchanging stimulus from below the waist, but also while the inserted their tongues into each other’s mouths as they kissed, their sweat trickling down like rain. As the adrenaline grew, Rose all of the sudden rapped her arms around Jake, pressing his flat pecks against her round breasts, which somehow made Jake’s cock grow a little inside Rose, which made her moan even louder into Jake’s mouth as she refused to break the kiss. Jake kept pounding in and Rose kept moaning and moving her hands all up and down Jake’s back for what seemed like hours. When Jake finally hit Rose’s clitoris, she broke the kiss and let out a loud, echoing scream.
“Jakey!” She exclaimed as she panted frantically, “I’m… going… to… cum!” she continued between breaths
“He… too!” Jake responded, also between breaths.
“Well then..” Rose took one last breath, “OPEN FIRE!” She finished with an orgasm where both her an Jake’s genetic juices fired out at the same time, and Jake going inside Rose, knowing that she had used a protection spell.

Both of them panted heavily to catch their breath. Jake pulled himself out of Rose, then lowered himself next to her, lying face up on her right, and taking her birth-marked hand into his.
“So…” He started quietly, “was it good for you?”
“Oh yeah,” Rose answered, staring at the ceiling in the bliss of pleasure, “It definitely was.” She turned her head to look him in the eye, and the two shared a deep, loving, kiss. Rose then guided Jake’s hand (the one he was holding her hand with) to her right breast, and let him feel it and the still hard nipple.

After gently breaking the kiss, Rose and Jake both leaned up and stretched a bit, upon that, noticing that they both smelled like their own pheromones and hormones.
“Whew!” Jake got to his feet, and then helped Rose up. “You think that there’s a working shower in this joint?”
“I know what you mean,” Rose responded, as she tried to manually fan the smell away from her nose. “We smell like hot, horny, underaged sex.”
“and I don’t want to explain THAT to my parents.” Jake added. the two shared a brief laugh at that.
“Follow me,” Rose offered as she started walking (dizzily at first,) “I think I know where to find a shower, and feel free to enjoy the view.” Rose, who was still naked, not even bothering to pick up her clothes, walked down a corridor, purposefully swinging her butt a little bit just to tease Jake. Jake followed her lead, leaving his cloths behind as well.

The two were blissfully walking through the cold, abandoned stronghold, leaving their still sweaty, naked bodies to the mercy of the atmosphere. Unbeknownst to them, someone knew that they were there, someone female, someone who had taken her clothes off and pleasured herself to their actions as she watched from the surveillance room.

this is my first time writing a dirty fic, so be nice.

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