Fuck Town: Fellow Traveler

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In this interactive show you’ll be able to learn the story of an business trip. The most memorable moment is when he arrives home after having a discussion with his business associate. It happened in another city. The driver is driving along and sees a woman on the side of the road. The lady stops. The lady demands that he take her to a building. This helps you to get to know each other more. The girl’s name is Allison. Your goal is to earn the confidence of the girl and seduce her. To accomplish this, choose for one in every of the four options in the window. While you wait, the option will increase in size, showing emotions. The possibility of a sex-related story exists when any of the three can be completed to 100. What the story’s going to be and the way you’ll eff with Allison when it comes to building an area is up to you to decide.

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